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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dustin & Ida Tie the Knot


MAY 25, 2013


Dustin & Ida chose to hold their destination wedding and reception in Historic North East Pennsylvania. The spot they chose for their reception was the families beach house which sits on a cliff over looking Lake Erie. The view of the lake was fantastic, but that's not what made this celebration amazing; it was the love and commitment of the bride and groom's friends and family members that really tied this day together. Dustin & Ida were surrounded by people who love them and made this joyous occasion so much more. Friends and family traveled from as far as Poland, Germany, and Alaska to wish this couple well and join in the celebration.
The evening really began with a traditional Polish blessing given by the parents of the bride & groom. Each parent stood and proudly talked of the love they have for these two. They offered advice and blessed their union. After the blessing guests sang along with the Polish blessing Sto Lat. It was an exciting and heartfelt way to start the night.
The couple chose a lovely shade of green as their wedding color. The green lights shone around the tent setting off an ambiance of romance and life. Bright stars bounced energetically of the tent top enhancing the evening all the more while the couple danced together for the first time to 'Something' by Jim Sturgess.
Because the couple are fans of Michael Jackson they playfully designated each table by the name of a popular Michael Jackson song instead of numbers. We played along by teasing the guests with a tidbit of each song during the dinner hour as a way to call them to the buffet style meal. After the delicious meal prepared by Peters Wine Country Catering was served and the cake was cut, the festivities kicked off.
Dustin had a special secret plan for Ida during the Bouquet & Garter Toss.....Dustin prepared and sang a special song to his bride; "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" by Frankie Valli. Later in the evening Dustin also performed a traditional wedding hit among his friends...."Man In The Mirror" by Michael Jackson. Melissa Chase from Radiant Photography caught every special moment on film for the new couple.
The evening was a smash. Everyone had such a great time that we decided we couldn't let the night end early. We stayed late to party with the couple and their guests. After we left, the couple enjoyed the company of their friends and family late into the evening.
The festivities continued into the next day with a brunch, which Dustin, Ida, & their families graciously invited us too. Peters Wine Country Catering was back on scene to serve a wonderful meal. We were so happy to enjoy a little more time with this amazing family!!!
Thank you Dustin, Ida, & your families for the amazing celebration you allowed us to be a part of!!



  1. DJ Batboy was outstanding! The music was great, lighting and effects were awesome. Very willing to take requests and professional throughout. Even set up some additional speakers since the bar area was outside the tent. Absolutely recommend to everyone!

    1. Thanks Drew that is Awesome, na-na-na-na Batboy! We are happy to serve you guys it was a blast, we had so much fun. I am Glad your friend and family had a blast as well. When you talk to your brother, Dave congrats on his new born.