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Saturday, January 18, 2014

4 Pints and A Wedding at Pearl Street Brewery an Erie DJ Entertainment Production

4 Pints and A Wedding at Pearl Street Brewery 


Erie DJ Entertainment Production

Erie Wedding DJ

Where can I even begin with Tim & Karrie. What an amazing couple, what a beautiful ceremony, what a thrilling reception. C Three Ent, Erie DJ Entertainment "Rocked it." 

Erie Wedding Sound Systemswedding ceremony Erie Wedding Music

We were honored to provide the sound for Tim and Karrie’s wedding ceremony. I enjoyed mixing and editing the music specially for the wedding processional. Karrie wore her mother’s wedding gown and entered the wedding church to the song her parents danced to on their wedding night, This was an amazing tribute. Tim’s daughter served as a Junior bridesmaid and his adorable son served as the ring bearer. Several readings were done by folks who were close to the couple and they had a surprise flower ceremony for their moms. This was one beautiful wedding ceremony.

Erie Weddings

Erie Wedding Entertainment

The wedding reception took place at Pearl Street Brewery in Buffalo, Ny. Wedding entertainment was provide by C Three Ent, Erie DJ Entertainment and it was so much fun!!! The bridal party entered the hall to “This is Halloween” by Marilyn Manson and the bride and groom came in to “True Love” By Pink. The sit-down dinner was served by quite an excellent and friendly staff. I enjoyed the chicken and our DJ, Tom, had the prime rib. We sat with the photographers from Jennifer Alice Photographer and got to know them a bit. They were a pleasure to dine with and captured every moment.

Erie Bride get down to Wedding Entertainment

The Best Man started the night with a hilarious speech. The night just got better from there. 
The Garter Removal and Hike (yes I said the groom hiked the garter…..) went off without a hitch. The winners participated in the garter replacement with amusement. The highlight of the night was the traditional toga dance (just like in "Animal House" the movie) done by the brides family and the new groom. 

Packed Erie Wedding Dance Floor

Erie's Award Wedding DJ, C Three Ent, Erie DJ Entertainment danced, we sang, we partied, I guess we did a raving job, cause at the scheduled end time the guest screamed for an encore and the Bride and Groom agreed that this party wasn't going to end just yet, so we stayed longer than we expected, and we joined in the after party. The night was a huge success. 

Erie DJ Wedding

Tim & Karrie…..thank you for choosing us to be a part of one of the most thrilling wedding receptions we’ve had the pleasure of working at!!!!!

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Rustic Wedding At Port Farms

Erie DJ Brings The Past to Port Farms Erie, PA

JOE & MICKEY 8/31/13

Joe & Mickey celebrated their union country style by holding both their ceremony and reception out at beautiful, rustic Port Farms just out side of Erie, PA. Many of you know Port Farms for it’s famous Pumpkin festivities and crazy corn maze every fall. Did you know they also have an absolutely gorgeous remodeled barn that you can hold your wedding reception in? Joe & Mickey did and boy did they out-do themselves with the decor. 
Erie DJ EntertainmentWedding Ceremony

Every inch of that barn was decorated in vintage antiques and collectibles gathered by Joe & Mickey. Spotting a piece that will take your breathe away must come easy for the couple who owns Romantique Botique in Millcreek, Pa. They used items right from their shop to create an atmosphere that I can’t even begin to describe. Mickey arrived at the ceremony in an old Ford pick up driven by her father. It was the perfect entrance to a perfect night.

The couple made their grand entrance into the reception hall to Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland. They enjoyed a buffet style dinner cooked and served by the catering staff at Port Farms and photographer Christine Erin was there to capture every magical moment.

The night was filled with the sounds of country music and classic rock and of course laughter and blessings. This Unique Wedding was one that C Three Ent, Erie DJ Entertainment will never forget.

Our Disc Jockey Tom and our Emcee Markie from C Three Ent, Erie DJ Entertainment from Erie, PA are so thankful that Joe & Mickey allowed us to be a part of their amazing celebration. We won’t soon forget how much effort and loving care you put into your union.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013




Nick & Michelle hosted an amazing cocktail hour celebration before saying "I do" at the stroke of midnight this year. 
The venue the couple chose was the Camelot Room at the Masonic Temple in downtown Erie. The night was gorgeous. The room was decorated warmly with a glowing fire and an elegant Christmas Tree. 
Michelle chose rose red and black as her color scheme and the crisp, delicate red roses of the bouquets looked exquisite resting on the head table during the celebration. Michelle looked like a Princess going to a ball and Nick was definitely her Prince Charming. Appetizers and finger foods were served as well as other more filling foods throughout the evening and the friendly staff of Sabella's Catering made sure every guest was satisfied. 
The couple chose to include Michelle's 2 children in their wedding party. Her daughter was a Junior Bridesmaid and her adorable son was the ring bearer. My favorite memory from that night is of her son. He was so eager to dance with his mother while she looked so beautiful. You could see the excited anticipation in his eyes, but every time he got close another adult swept in and danced her off into the crowd. Every time he looked so down, his hopes had been dashed once again and no one had noticed. I picked out a special song and grabbed everyone's attention. I made the announcement that this dance was especially for the Mother & Son. His face beamed with joy. Finally his moment had come!!! I played "Mama" by Boyz II Men. The talented photographer Dwiana Porter captured the moment. I've used one of her photos here with permission.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dustin & Ida Tie the Knot


MAY 25, 2013


Dustin & Ida chose to hold their destination wedding and reception in Historic North East Pennsylvania. The spot they chose for their reception was the families beach house which sits on a cliff over looking Lake Erie. The view of the lake was fantastic, but that's not what made this celebration amazing; it was the love and commitment of the bride and groom's friends and family members that really tied this day together. Dustin & Ida were surrounded by people who love them and made this joyous occasion so much more. Friends and family traveled from as far as Poland, Germany, and Alaska to wish this couple well and join in the celebration.
The evening really began with a traditional Polish blessing given by the parents of the bride & groom. Each parent stood and proudly talked of the love they have for these two. They offered advice and blessed their union. After the blessing guests sang along with the Polish blessing Sto Lat. It was an exciting and heartfelt way to start the night.
The couple chose a lovely shade of green as their wedding color. The green lights shone around the tent setting off an ambiance of romance and life. Bright stars bounced energetically of the tent top enhancing the evening all the more while the couple danced together for the first time to 'Something' by Jim Sturgess.
Because the couple are fans of Michael Jackson they playfully designated each table by the name of a popular Michael Jackson song instead of numbers. We played along by teasing the guests with a tidbit of each song during the dinner hour as a way to call them to the buffet style meal. After the delicious meal prepared by Peters Wine Country Catering was served and the cake was cut, the festivities kicked off.
Dustin had a special secret plan for Ida during the Bouquet & Garter Toss.....Dustin prepared and sang a special song to his bride; "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" by Frankie Valli. Later in the evening Dustin also performed a traditional wedding hit among his friends...."Man In The Mirror" by Michael Jackson. Melissa Chase from Radiant Photography caught every special moment on film for the new couple.
The evening was a smash. Everyone had such a great time that we decided we couldn't let the night end early. We stayed late to party with the couple and their guests. After we left, the couple enjoyed the company of their friends and family late into the evening.
The festivities continued into the next day with a brunch, which Dustin, Ida, & their families graciously invited us too. Peters Wine Country Catering was back on scene to serve a wonderful meal. We were so happy to enjoy a little more time with this amazing family!!!
Thank you Dustin, Ida, & your families for the amazing celebration you allowed us to be a part of!!